Be Part of the Solution

A short film about food awareness and our impact on the environment.
Commissioned by Made in Hackney
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This is an animation created for Made in Hackney, a non-profit organization passionate about healthy affordable food that is good for people and planet.(

‘Be Part of the Solution’ describes the current situation around meat markets and their impact on the environment and shows an alternative to the issue inviting us to change into a vegetable based diet. The first part of the animation is hand drawn with a charcoal bar, re-drawing every frame on the same paper. As the image is drawn and erased over and over, the charcoal leaves a trace, and the pictures get darker and “dirtier” with every new drawing. This connects directly with the feeling of pollution. On the other side, the second part of the animation is created with coloured paper cur-outs, relating to the feeling of positivity and clean environment.


Stills from the animation process